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SKN Message

Our mission is to create a pavement for the betterment of relationships between Pakistan and all over the World.To improve political economic or cultural relations not only between the all countries but also between the people.We want to convey this message through our community that war isn’t the solution to any problem but we can defeat our enemies through dialogues and co operation in various fields mentioned above.This way states recognise one another as sovereign states and agree to develop diplomatic relations.Despite the high profile of modern multilateral systems such as the United Nations and the World Trade Organization,the level of peace has yet not been attained.Our bilateral relationship has a flexibility and ease that is lacking in most compromise-dependent multilateral systems. In addition, disparities in power, resources, money, armament, or technology are more easily exploitable by the stronger side which powerful states might consider a positive aspect of it and this will prove to be a great help to the developing country that is Pakistan.