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Ayaz Sadiq is not NA Speaker to me anymore: Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – In protest against rejection of anti-PM references by National Assembly Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Thursday told the House that he does not consider Ayaz Sadiq as the National Assembly Speaker from now on.

Imran Khan’s remarks came after the NA Speaker on Monday rejected his reference seeking Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification in the light of revelations made in the Panama Papers.

“A speaker is supposed to be impartial and loyal to democracy, not to the Prime Minister’s self interest,” Khan told the National Assembly.

He said that Ayaz Sadiq as a speaker should have accepted and forwarded both references but instead he proved himself partisan.

The PTI chief alleged that Ayaz Sadiq is sitting in the parliament and succumbing to Nawaz Sharif’s pressure.

“His (Nawaz Sharif’s) modus operandi is to buy people, or then crush them with pressure,” Khan claimed.

He said that it is job of democratic institutions to keep check on corruption. When there is corruption by leaders in a country, funds meant for the public are diverted into their pockets.

“The parliament too is an institution. The work of the parliament is governance and opposition. It is there for checks and balances,” he said, adding that whenever the government misuses public funds it is the job of the parliament to hold them accountable.

“Sadly Ayaz Sadiq is not here today. We want to ask him, what is there of mine that stands undeclared since 2013?” Imran Khan asked.

He further asserted: “If there was anything hidden, why were my papers not challenged in 2013? All my assets were disclosed.”

Khan claimed that the incumbent rulers will keep looting the nation if he stayed quiet on the issue pf corruption.